Monday, July 18, 2011

M Design Boutique Moved!

The New Studio!

While it remained "business as usual" throughout the move of M Design Boutique from the Boston area in Massachusetts to the Providence area in Rhode Island....behind the scenes kept things interesting!

The Gazebo at The Eager Homestead where we said our vows June 20, 2009
 My husband Mike's company 38 Studios moved from its home in Maynard, MA to beautiful down town Providence, Rhode Island. When we first got the news (about a year ago) that it could happen, we were shocked and pretty shaken by the news, as we had just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary in our amazing historical home in MA where we were married in our yard. Over the course of the year, though, we began gathering information and looking at houses in RI to see if we could find something to ease the sting of leaving The Eager Homestead. The company moved several months ago and Mike was commuting as we cranked the gears on finding a house we would both fall head-over-heels in love with. Not an easy task to beat out a major gem of a historical home. But we did it. We found a home that we both fell in love with.

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary at The Eager Homestead three weeks before the move.

It was no fun saying goodbye to our home in Mass, but we had time to leave it the right way, with plenty of ceremony (mostly grilling, watching the Spring blooms and celebrating our 2nd anniversary watching fireflies from the gazebo where we said our vows).

One of the "Walls of Windows" that make the studio a bright, beautiful place to work!

The new home has a beautiful space for M Design Boutique's ever-growing studio and business to thrive. I am a nature-lover and two walls of the studio are windows that look out to the woods and over our yard where our pets hang out. Lots of cardinals, gold finches and humming birds, among others, hang out at our feeders as I pour candles and do all of the other behind-the-scenes work at MDB. Last night we even saw our first deer in the back yard!

First batch of candles made two days after moving in.

I truly feel happy and thankful to be working and living in Rhode Island. I look forward to creating a whole lot of beautiful things in the new home of MDB!

First grilled dinner by MDB Candle Light, of course!


  1. I love the new studio, Melissa! What a great space to work and create more beautiful M Design Boutiqueries!

  2. Thank you Kendra. It is a big step up from the all over the house operation!