Monday, December 27, 2010

A Happy, Healthy and Safe New Years 2011 To You All!

Happy New Year from M Design Boutique!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

One Stop Shop -- All Gift-Packaged Listings in M Design Boutique

For those of you wishing to find a gift for somebody this holiday season, and would like it packaged in a great gift box all in one click, this is for you! Prices range from $12 to $50 so there is something for every budget. Stocking stuffers to the main event!

Two Hats In A Box $50 -- Choose any two hats from M Design Boutique's "Hat" section to be packaged together for one person or a couple! This is great for sports fans with two team color hats, and would be a great gift to bring to your party hosts.

Hat In A Box $28 -- Pick any hat from the "Hats" section and order it already packaged in a cute holiday themed Take-Out style Gift box.

Travel Candle Set $20 -- Three "Baked Treat" soy travel candles in cute tins with unique labels. Three scents are Warm Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread and Maple Pumpkin Pie.

Votive Candle Set $12 -- Three "Holly and Ivy" Scented Red Votive Candles. I hand-pour all of the candles in my shop. These are very fragrant and will throw fragrance even when not lit!

Hot Chocolate Coffee Mug Gift $20 -- Pastry Bag filled with our family recipe for Hot Chocolate Coffee Mix comes packaged in a tall holiday mug with a candy cane. Add a bottle of schnapps and you've got a beautiful Winter-time gift!

Vanilla Latte Candle Mug $30 -- Candle looks and smells like a Vanilla Latte and comes in a recycled, reusable Coffee Mug that can be used for real coffee after the candle has burned away. Comes in a cute transparent gift display box with a festive bow.

Peppermint Hat In A Box $30 -- Adorable Peppermint Twist hat comes packaged in a Candy Cane treat box with a window and large "Happy Holidays" sticker.

Gingerbread House Kit $22 -- Comes with pattern, recipes for Gingerbread and Icing and enough candy for one completed house (as shown on package).

Gingerbread House Party Kit $35 -- Party kit with enough candy for four houses, recipes for gingerbread and icing, pattern, a pastry bag and a holiday cookie cutter.