Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gift Favor Travel Candles Customized for Your Event!

Please note date of post for accuracy of pricing. Each calendar year, prices are updated to reflect materials cost. Updated prices are reflected in cost calculator and in current shop listings.
Check out some ideas for M Design Boutique's Soy Travel Candles! These make a great Favor Gift for wedding showers, baby showers, birthday parties, dinner parties and so on.

These Soy Wax candles burn cleaner and longer and feature 100% Cotton wicks. The wax is creamy and fragrances can be customized to match your party theme.

Labels are custom designed by me, Melissa Fouch (Graphic Designer) to suit your needs. I can match the design to your theme, your invitations or colors...I can even put a photo of your honored guest, home or anything else on the label along with a few lines of text.

Check out some examples below!
 The host of this party liked both designs I came up with for her, so she ordered half and half. She also liked three fragrances: Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread and Maple Pumpkin Pie. So her guests will get a variety of designs and fragrances. I welcome custom ideas such as these.

 Above: Example of a label to be used for wedding favors. This could also be used for a bridal shower or engagement party to announce the wedding date. Match the fragrance and image to your wedding flowers, or use a design element and colors from your wedding or shower.
Pricing works like this:
Minimum order is 10 Candles

10 - 19 Candles = $3.25 per candle + Shipping
20 - 39 Candles = $2.75 per candle + Shipping
40 - 59 Candles = $2.50 per candle + Shipping
60 or more Candles = $2.25 + Shipping

Click here to find out more and order your special event Travel Candle Gift Favors! 

Scroll down to see some more examples from a variety of events  M Design Boutique has done candles for!
Destination Wedding

Baby Shower

Announcing Our Engagement

Real Estate Promotional "Drop-in" Gift

Baby Shower

Tropical Wedding

Variation on the Hydrangea Label
Birthday Party

Newport, RI Wedding

Purple Damask Promotional for Theatre Production Opening Night
Record Label Album Release Event
*All artwork is provided by clients and layouts are altered to fit candle labels.


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