Monday, January 2, 2012

Aromatherapy Products Coming to M Design Boutique

Along with the other changes you'll be seeing (watch the M Design Boutique facebook page) in M Design Boutique, I am now going to be offering Aromatherapy products.

M Design Boutique is shifting focus from a wide range of handmade things to a narrower focus on specialty wax candles, favor gifts, small batch natural bath and body products and other aromatics (room and linen sprays, incense, reed diffusers, etc).

I have expanded my education into the world of Aromatherapy as it applies to stress management and overall health and well-being. Coming later this month I will introduce my first Essential Oil Aromatherapy Products featuring Lavender, known for its stress-relieving effects and versatility of application.

My Lavender Small Batch Products will include:

Hand-milled Lavender Soap & Shave Soap
Lavender Soy Travel Candles
Lavender Foaming Shave Butter
Lavender Linen & Room Spray
Lavender Drawer Sachet

Be sure to check in and make sure you don't miss the small batch products!

Stay tuned for more posts about the changes you are seeing throughout the month in M Design Boutique!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

M Design Boutique 2012 -- Excitement Abounds!

Happy New Year!

I am especially excited (and busy) giving M Design Boutique a make-over. Two years in business and my shop has become several shops, and grown and changed and...well...I decided it was time to take a step back and change things around to fit all that growth.

First up: I had a new logo designed! There are a few different versions of it that you'll be seeing around here on this blog, and in my shop. I am also going to be using it as inspiration for all of my product packaging and shipping materials. I am crazy about the new logo!

Watch my facebook page for news and updates about the latest changes happening over the course of January 2012.