Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wedding Suite -- Bringing A Theme to the Wedding

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Monday was my second wedding anniversary. I married Mike Machowski on a sunny Saturday in June of 2009. The "sunny" part was a small miracle, as New England was steeped in a solid month of rain at the time and I had prepared myself for a rainy outdoor wedding...sheltered by a gazebo, and our guests sheltered under a large tent. Alas, the clouds parted and the day was all sunshine!

Celebrating our anniversary brought back all of the memories of that beautiful day, along with the images in our wedding album and a lovely gift of a whole armful of blue hydrangea blooms sent to our door by my ever-generous parents. Hydrangeas are the favorite flower of my Mom and my Mother In-Law...which influenced my decision to make them our wedding flower.

When Mike proposed, he drew a ring on my finger, explaining that he wanted my friend Angi (Tiny Armour Jewelry) to design my ring with me. Wait for it....the ring features a hydrangea four-petal flower.

All that explained, I thought it would be a good idea to show how the hydrangea theme plays out throughout our wedding decor and a favorite wedding gift that continues to develop as we travel through our marriage.

This highlights the items in M Design Boutique that can be customized to fit your wedding colors, flowers, decor or theme. Enjoy!

The Votive Candles, in Hydrangea colors, adorned the tables at our reception.

The White Votives in Frosted Cups and Dark Chocolate scented adorned the dessert table that was set up in the gazebo where we said our vows. Email for a custom quote for votives, pillars or hand-dipped tapers for your event!
This is a "Bridal Survival Kit" that comes with anything a Bride might need (bobby pins, stain remover, calming candle, sewing kit, etc) at the last minute. This makes a great Bridal Shower Gift or something the Bridesmaids can show up with!

Hydrangea Fragrance Soy Travel Candle Favor Gifts. The labels and fragrance can be customized and the more you order, the bigger the discounts!

This is an amazing wedding gift from my Mom. The idea is that throughout our marriage we can collect things and label them with locations and dates to display our adventures together. I love this idea so much, I created custom labels and am now offering this in M Design Boutique with custom or stock labels! 

Now that we have been married for two years, I have been able to enjoy a little taste of the memories from our wedding day when I look at the photos, my ring, burn a candle or look up at the mantle where "Our Adventures in Marriage" bottles are on display.

Here is the instruction sheet that comes with your custom gift:

If you would like a custom "suite" for your wedding, email me and we can customize a package of any of these ideas for you. I can even put you in touch with my ring designer!

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  1. Oh how lovely!! Hydrangeas were THE flowers at our wedding too - they're so pretty and elegant and happy :)

    (I apologize now for commenting on old posts - I'm going through your archives, as work is a bit slow this week!! )