Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pioneer Beeswax Candles Coming to M Design Boutique This Fall 2011

I am excited to announce that after a whole lot of research, testing and experimentation, I have found my way through the world of Beeswax Candlemaking! The candles will be offered in only the natural light honey/botanical fragrance of the wax, which, as it turns out, comes from the flora the worker bees bring to the wax and the honey produced in the hive.

My new line of Beeswax Candles will be called "Pioneer Brasa" drawing from the Swedish term for bonfire. I will be offering Hand-rolled, Hand-poured, Hand-kneaded Pillars, Tapers and Votive Candles.

The techniques I will use come from Scandinavian traditions and American Old West Pioneer techniques, which reflects my Scandinavian heritage and my Colorado, Montana and California up-bringing and life until very recently. I have always been interested in doing things the Old World way, which is part of my passion for making things. It captivates my imagination to envision the difficulties my ancestors encountered that I do not have to navigate in my modern life. My work reflects my interest in the tedium of everyday objects that is eliminated by the candy-like world of American consumption. Getting dirty is transformative. Learning to do things the hard way makes me tick.

I am currently working on building a multi-taper dipping set-up. I suppose I should put on my prarie skirt & bonnet and my wooden shoes, just to make it interesting.

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