Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Power of Tags

As promised, I have a seller tip for those of you selling in online shops such as Etsy, Artfire and so on:

Use every tag. It takes a little extra time and thought, but it works. So...if you want more traffic getting to your listings, TAG TAG TAG!

Did you know that each tag can be multiple words? That means if you are allowed 14 tags you will get a lot more out of something like "chocolate brown wool" than "yarn".

Good Example:
"Gold Plated Chain"

Wasted Opportunity:

So...even if you simply use every tag with one word, you're ahead of the game. But if you spend a little extra time taking your tags seriously, you will climb the ladder in search rankings and get those clicks.

I was just looking at my stats for the past 30 days and while much of my traffic is manually driven by my social networking, I can see that google search results are responsible for just under a thousand clicks into my Etsy shop. That is no coincidence. That is the power of tags.

Happy Selling!

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