Monday, March 14, 2011

Feedback Inspires New Ideas

Recently I sent a hand-picked variety of my Travel Candles in to my husband's office to pass around for feedback. Several of the women at his office (thank you ladies) checked out the candles and a few of them let me know what were their favorite fragrances. I was happy to hear that one of my newer fragrances, Coconut Lime, was a big hit. Also, and not surprisingly, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Tart got some kudos. I say not surprisingly because a whole swarm of New Yorkers reacted swimmingly to that fragrance back in February at Brooklyn's Artists & Fleas Weekend Market when MDB set up for a pop-up shop Saturday.

Because M Design Boutique sells predominantly to an online audience, I rely on the feedback of the few people in my friends and family to give me feedback about favorite fragrances. It is also a great inspiration to see what custom order requests come in.

Fragrance triggers strong reaction and emotion. I am always interested in what people like and why. Coconut Lime got a great reaction now, here in the Boston area at the end of a particularly long, difficult Winter. I believe that not only is it a great fragrance..but it triggers images of the Spring and Summer that we are starting to see signs of.

What fragrances do you love? Clean sheets? Baked treats? Does it vary by season? Leave your feedback in the comments section and you'll help inspire the M Design Boutique candle fragrances to come!

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