Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's Love List

Here is a list of what I'm loving today.

1. The falling leaves. A bitter-sweet reminder that Winter is on the way. The starkness of the branches beginning to be silhouettes against the vibrant colors of the Maples, Oaks, Poplars and many shrubs across my yard, my street and New England. The chill in the air inspires lots of cooking and the desire to knit and make candles.
 Autumn Leaves Soy Travel Candle (hints of cider and sandalwood)

2. Halloween is coming! I love Halloween for the spike in imagination it gives to kids and adults alike. I love pumpkins and carving, costumes and decorations...and I LOVE scary movies.

3. Hoody Weather. Not too hot, not too cold. My favorite temperatures are when you can have the windows cracked during the day, but the chill at night means great sleep.

4. Hot Coffee! All Spring and Summer I delight in my iced coffee, but now that the temperatures have dropped, there is nothing quite like the comfort of a hot cup of coffee (with a splash of fat-free french vanilla non-dairy creamer for me please). And lately I've been knitting up some mug and cup cozies, which keep my coffee hot longer!

5. My dog wants more snuggles! In the Summer he splays out on the hardwood floors in front of our fans trying to keep cool. But in the Winter he sits as much on top of me as he can, and keeps me warm with his cute face in my lap. Who needs slippers?!

6. Every October my husband and I celebrate Oktoberfest with some home-cooked German food and beer. We celebrated last night with some  oom pah pah music, sausages, sauerkraut, German potato salad, mustard and Spaten. My favorite part of this annual tradition is that we can pick what night we want to do it and it isn't a big deal to plan. Here's a picture of last night's table...

What do you love today?


  1. I know what you mean about hoody weather, there's something so perfect about the in-between seasons. Also that mug cozie is so sweet!

  2. I've recently become a coffee addict. Seriously cannot function any longer without a afternoon cup! Fall is my absolute favorite season. Am finding there is so much I would like to accomplish, but work is so in the way.

  3. Ooh! Afternoon coffee! I wish I could have that but I'd never get to sleep at night. I'm already such a night-owl!