Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Ideas

For those of you visiting family or friends on Thanksgiving, here are a few great Hostess Gift ideas to bring with you and appropriately to thank your hosts.

Autumn Leaves Travel Candle (Hints of Sandalwood and Cider)
 Here are two travel candles (just $6) in fragrances inspired by the season. The "Autumn Leaves" and the "Maple Pumpkin Pie" candles are Soy Wax with 100% Cotton Wicks.
. Soy Wax burns cleaner and approximately 30% longer than paraffin, and the fragrance carries far beyond the room where the candle is burning
Maple Pumpkin Pie Travel Candle (From a New England Kitchen)

Sage, Spearmint and Mountain Mint Spices are grown, dried and packaged at the historical Eager Homestead in Massachusetts. These make a thoughtful addition to a gift basket or a cute hostess gift on their own.

Homegrown Spices from a Historical New England Garden
 Here is a great way to make a gift bottle of wine look beautiful on the table. Re-usable and sustainable bamboo hand-knitted bottle cozy.
Bamboo Wine Bottle Gift Cover

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