Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Collaboration Announcement: Hammer & Light Concept Collections

Over the past several months, I have been collaborating on a new product line and brand with one of my oldest friends and favorite designers Angi Quincy of Tiny Armour Jewelry.

It all started with a card-swap that we were intending to do with eachothers' business cards going out with orders leading up to the holidays. We figured this would help promote a group of shops that we love by exposing our own customers to some other great shops. When the other shop owners ended up bowing out of the swap for various reasons, Angi and I decided that since there was just the two of us, we should collaborate on a holiday gift to offer in both of our shops...and then over a whole lotta cross-country phone calls and a rush of inspirations, a brand formed.

Our first product debuts October 20, 2011.

Get on board now! Check out and follow our blog feed over at Hammer & Light's blog here.

Follow us on facebook here.

We will be announcing our new products and collections in both places, with all the details and magic behind them all.

We welcome you to Hammer & Light.

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