Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sneak Preview: Pioneer Brasa (M Design Boutique's Line of Beeswax Candles)

Hand-rolled Beeswax comes in a variety of colors. $5/pair
Pioneer Brasa

M Design Boutique's new line of Beeswax Candles will debut this Fall!

These are high quality pure natural beeswax candles (no blends!) with braided cotton wick.

Natural wax burns cleaner and slower than other types of wax because it burns at a higher temperature.

The wicks have been selected to burn clean and efficiently with a slight top curl to burn evenly throughout to the edge of the wax.

The fragrance of all Pioneer Brasa is from the natural fragrance of the wax, which is a light floral honey fragrance that is so light and natural it works for any season.

Enjoy the first  photos of some of the candles in the new line!

If you want to order your beeswax candles before they make it into the shop, I am accepting early orders, and have already been processing don't wait! Email to request your handmade beeswax candles today from M Design Boutique!

The Rustic Taper. This is the darkest natural shade of beeswax being offered.

9.5" Rustic Tapers $7/pair

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