Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What to Give Your Bridal Party or the Bride!

Several years ago I attended the wedding of my dear friends Heather and Jason. I traveled from Los Angeles to the Colorado Rockies for the occasion and was lucky enough to spend the hours and moments prior to the ceremony with Heather, her sisters, her Mom and several of her best friends. I have had the pleasure of sharing the pre-ceremony moments with a few brides (including my own)...and it is always inspirational to see how women rally to support the bride in those stressful, but blissful last moments before they tie the knot.

I mention Heather's wedding because that day I saw one of the most clever, thoughtful gifts for a bride that I've ever seen. I may be getting the source of the gift wrong, but I believe the "Bridal Survival Kit" was originally given to Heather's sister on her wedding day, and had been handed along to each sister for their weddings. The kit contained all of those little odds and ends a bride might need on her wedding day such as bobby pins, safety pins and other little emergency-helpers.

One of the clever things about it was that it solved problems for all brides alike, whether she be in a hotel room far from home, or prepping for a wedding right in her own yard! Who wants to go running around looking through junk drawers for a needle and thread two hours before the ceremony?!

So with Heather's amazing family gift in mind, I decided to create a Survival Kit for Brides, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mothers of the Bride and Groom...and anyone else present on the wedding day who might need a little help getting ready emergency-free!

I polled my facebook fans to find out what they would have loved to have handy on their special day and I've come up with what I believe to be the perfect Survival Kits, from kits for the whole party to the Bride's Survival Kit (Deluxe style).

I am happy to accomodate custom ideas and orders for groups...including the option for custom labels with design and text to match the wedding and the names of each person receiving a Survival Kit. Here's a sampling of what is available!

Bridal Party Survival Kits for Everyone in your party. These make a great gift and you can add earrings, pendants or whatever little touches you want for each person. Starting at $20 per kit.

Bridal Survival Kit contains all the little touches plus a serenity candle and wine opener for the pre-wedding jitters! This is the deluxe kit which can also be customized for bridesmaids, etc.

The label can be customized with her flowers, to match invitations or other decor. Can also be customized with her name, wedding date or other information.

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