Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From the Kitchen and Garden of The Historical Eager Homestead

Soup in a Jar! Fifteen Bean Vegetarian Soup Mix -- Just add water! Makes a great gift. This is a simple dinner solution, and tastes great on its own or with added ingredients such as chicken or vegetables. 

Whole Leaf Sage Grown at The Eager Homestead -- This cute farm-packaged sage works great with Thanksgiving Turkeys, among other things!

 Acorns from New England Oak Trees -- Perfect for holiday decor, crafts and kids projects. These are a beautiful color and look great on their own in a bowl!
Hand-poured Candles for the holiday table -- Fragrances: Orange is Pumpkin Pie Spice, Brown is Brown Sugar, Yellow is Sunflower and Green is Apple Crisp. Watch for the Christmas holiday candles soon!
 The Eager Homestead is a historical home in Marlborough, Massachusetts. It was built in 1682 by the Eager family and was the farmhouse for the area surrounding the home...which extends for miles. We are the proud owners of The Eager Homestead and enjoy keeping up the old-world traditions in the kitchen and garden. Please enjoy a taste of history!

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